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Posted on May 6, 2008

I was one of those who have watch this because of Ryo (guilty). But after watching it, I’ve found out that beside the fact that Ryo chan’s here, the story is good and touching.


A story about Etsuko Shinomura (Suzuki Anne) and her desire to start a girl’s crew team at her school. However, she’s faced with many problems, e.g. there aren’t someone who seem interested in rowing, she isn’t that good in rowing, and the like.

However, with the help of her family, friends, coach, and the rest of the boys rowing team, she was able to make her dream possible. A story about friendship, sports, perseverance and determination. 😀

My Review

Again, blame RYO.

My first impression of this is that it’s boring. IT LOOKS BORING, because it’s old, and the girl isn’t that pretty. If Ryo isn’t here, I wouldn’t care to watch.

Impressions after watching: Though there are parts which are boring, this drama’s not bad. IT’S GOOD. I was touched, I cried, and it made my heart race. This is so inspiring. And the way those girls row, makes me wanna row too. Seriously I think I want to be in a crew team. Too bad I can’t swim. LOL

One can pick up many lessons in it, most notable would be “you should never give up”, failure is part of everything, losing doesn’t mean you should stop, infact losing is just the start of everything. And never runaway from something.

————– ABOUT THE BOYS (for fan girls only) ————–

I was torn. I like Ryo. But with Uchi and Junno also present, waaa, major hottie overload. It’s not about them as a person but the roles they are acting.

I love Nakata Saburo’s character. But I love it when Uchi’s the one portraying the role. I also like Junno (i think I maybe a fan girl of his), but there is seriously a difference between Uchi and Junno’s acting. Uchi as Saburo is more of the silent, mysterious, and genius type, while Junno’s Saburo is more of the outgoing, playboy one. I like the former Saburo, I was always thinking, how would it look like if Uchi’s the one acting. I think it would have been more cool. And Uchi’s gorgeous, hwaaaaaaaaaa…. Junno’s handsome as well but I can’t take my Yukan Club’s image of him. hehe

————– f-a-n g-i-r-l-i-n-g s-t-o-p-s h-e-r-e ————–

Enough of the fan girling. Hmmm, I must say putting the boys aside, this is a nice series. But I think it’s different for some people. Since I’m into the sporty series, I think this is good. It all depends on your interest. This is a good source for inspiration. 😀 An 8/10.