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Posted on May 17, 2008
“Ever since I met you, I feel like I’ve lived to meet you.” – Yano

Since this anime has depressed me to death, I’ll give my insight.

First thing’s first.

Bokura Ga Ita is about high school love. A story about a popular boy (yano) who, despite of being famous among girls, is still grieving at the untimely death of his girlfriend – but is believing that her girlfriend is a cheat (still he loves her so much.) Things get complicated when he met Nana, though they have gotten into a relationship, he’s still binded to the past. But as the story turns, he’ll discover that he truly love Nana. (sorry for the poor synopsis)

My Review

Talk about a realistic anime.

I think Bokura Ga Ita fits more into the drama genre, the only difference is it’s in an animated form.

Every scene is a perfect epitome of what love is – Teenage love to be exact. Though the animation isn’t that good, but the storyline is perfect. The author clearly captures the events that happen in real life.

The characters are greatly woven. I expected Yano to be every girl’s dream boy, but he has some flaws like any other humans do, and he’s a perv. wahaha. And as for Nana, she’s your typical girlfriend material, but I really get annoyed at her sometimes.

The sad thing is its ending. But I guess that’s life, not all things have a happy ending. And I think if ever this anime comes up with a season 2, I’ll pass. Gyaaaa, I’ve wiki-ed the events that will happen next, and I don’t want to be depressed again. Seriously, so much for being inlove, so so so much tragedy ahead.

I need to watch a lighter series soon. LOL