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Posted on May 4, 2008

Please enjoy the fright.” LOL


Misaki Yoko (Aya Ueto) is what one would call a boyish kind of girl, she enjoys the company of boys more than girls. However, when Tsukasa commented that how will Misaki looked in a cabin attendant uniform, that ignited her dream to be a flight attendant (and also to show off to Tsukasa).

Here’s a story about the struggles of Misaki being a flight attendant. The things that she have to undergo to be able to fly into the air (sorry for the wrong grammar, lol).

My Review

It’s all because of Ryo-chan. Blame him, hehe, I’ve watched this because of him, though he doesn’t have that much exposure.

The first few episodes were kind of boring, I was thinking to just stop watching this, but then come episodes 4 +, the story’s getting exciting. I was hooked (Ryo’s charm), but more to that, Aya Ueto’s so funny. HAHA. Her acting is so kakoii. I was always laughing when seeing her crazy side. Though sometimes her character pisses me off.

If ever you’re aspiring to be a flight attendant, this is a must see. Even I myself wants to be one (after watching this). Good thing I wasn’t disappointed with this, haha. But how I wish there would be more Ryo-ness in this. Plus I want to see Shouta (Ryo) x Misaki together. The SP’s also great (Hawaii!!!). 😀 Hope the 2nd SP gets subbed already. weee