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Posted on May 9, 2008

Man, there’s something about a KimuTaku series that I can’t resist.


The story opens after a young female student kills herself by jumping off a balcony. It’s soon discovered that she was in fact stabbed, and the room arranged to make it look like a suicide. And so we begin. A few minor details lead Detective Kanzo (Akashiya Sanma) to suspect that Ryo (Kimura Takuya), an enigmatic chef’s assistant, knows more about her death.The two have run into each other by chance a few times, and each time left Kanzo with an uncomfortable feeling. Every clue that is revealed seems to lead to more questions about Ryo, his obsessive girlfriend, his callous and manipulative relations with several women, and about a painful memory from Kanzo’s past. Things get more complicated when a powerful love/hate relationship develops between Ryo and Kanza’s little sister, the beautiful Yuko (Fukatsu Eri). What exactly is their connection? As the evidence (and body count) rises, Kanza tries desperately to save his sister from Ryo’s influence. He’s no saint, but is he the Devil Kanza thinks he is? And why? The answers will floor you, even when you think you’ve got them figured out already. (credits: Drama Wiki)

My Review

This is better than Hero – in my opinion.

The first few episodes of AMSFFTS were quite uneventful. HMM, slow paced, and somehow boring. If not for TK, I would have considered putting this behind and start another series.

However, though boring it maybe there’s still this curiosity that surrounds the early episodes. Curiosity that will lead you to move on another notch. For each episodes leave you hanging, it yearns someone to dwell deeper into the mystery that lies ahead. And yeah mystery it is, by the end of it you’ll earn twist that changes your view of things, it even surpass the early events that happened.

Though I’ve only watched three TK dramas, I would say that this is a new dimension for him, TK as Ryo is totally different from your average ideal man. His personality is so myterious that you could actually think that he’s plotting something dark. You can’t tell if he’s good or bad, that’s maybe one of the things that has drawn me to watch this. I want to see Ryo change. Too bad that it was only at the end.

The plot has gotten interesting halfway, there are so many things to look forward to and are wanting to be discovered. I wouldn’t elaborate much, don’t wanna spoil you. hehe

Lastly, the ending’s so sad. 😦

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[Editor’s Note]

After watching five Kimutaku dramas straight, I think this is my most favorite series of him, next would be Pride.