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Posted on December 24, 2007

After months of waiting, I’ve finally gotten my copy of Why Why Love, this review should be long overdue, but since my pc crashed (ugh), I didn’t have the time to post this.

Thoughts on WWL:

Mike He is super duper hot in here. His looks has definitely improve since Devil Beside You though I much prefer Ahmon over Huo Da. Rainie’s acting has also been good.
WWL is sort of like a reunion of the leads in DBY, if you’ve watched DBY you could see the similarities in the story line. Mike’s still a devil and Rainie’s his subordinate, while Kingone is her knight in shining armor. WWL has kept me laughing at all episodes. However towards the last few episodes, one could see the gravity of the plot, I’ve cried, yes, maybe it’s because of Mike’s character. He Jun Xiang has definitely improved.

I recommend this series to you, not just bec. I’m Mike’s no. 1 fan (lol), but because it’s worth spending your time. I would rate this an eleven (out of ten stars). ^^ (though i love DBY more) I do really love Mike and Rainie’s tandem. Hope they could make more projects in the future.