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Posted on March 5, 2008

Shoot. Ang ganda. Swear. You should read this.

The story’s about Bella, a girl who just moved in to live with his father in Forks. And there she met Edward. At first, she had found him weird but gorgeous at the same time. The twist is Edward’s a vampire. Creepy eh? At the beginning Edward showed great dislike towards Bella, but as the story developed, the two found themselves falling in love with each other. However there are a lot of trials ahead, how will they continue their love if the one is mortal and the other immortal? Can Edward stop himself from being attracted to Bella’s blood? How will Edward protect Bella from the others of his kind?

Why do I like this book? Perhaps it would be the story itself, a vampire being in love with a normal girl. And not just an ordinary vampire, EDWARD’s so hot. It doesn’t matter if he’s a vampire, I would still be sticking by his side anyway. He’s my favorite character in the story, I love his naughtiness, his attitude, I love everything about him. There’s so many kilig parts, where in I’ll just smile to myself, even if I’m reading it in a public place I still can’t contain my emotion, si Edward kasi eh. Hmm, enough of Edward.

Dahil sa story na ‘to, naapreciate ko tuloy bigla ang mga vampires. There’s so many things to look forward to sa story na hindi pa nasasagot sa Twiight. Currently I’m reading its sequel – New Moon, nabasa ko na yung summary niya sa net, and ayoko nung nangyari, I wouldn’t say more, basta nakakaasar lang.

There would be a movie of this, however hindi ko feel yung actor. Edward will be portrayed by the guy who played Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter. Ayoko sa kanya kasi hindi siya yung guy na naiimagine ko na si Edward, there’s still many other guys out there. Super disappointed ako, sorry if may naoffend akong fan niya, but I’m just stating my opinion.