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Posted on October 29, 2007

Is it possible for someone to fall in love at a movie? That’s exactly what I was thinking after watching The Classic.

Watching this movie is not originally on my plan. I was watching America’s Next Top Model and I’m on the next to the last episode, when it came to the season finale, I’ve found out that the dvd didn’t contain the finale. So I was scanning through my dvd’s and I’ve decided to watch a movie, and The Classic struck my attention, not that it’s pretty, at first I wasn’t enthusiastic to watch this, but since I’ve read in a forum that it’s good, I decided to try.

Before watching it, I have my mind set that the setting would be from the 70’s (as in old), so when the film started rolling, I told myself that “prepare to be bored”. However a music that I was so into came into the picture, CANON in D is playing, and you know what, I so so so so love canon, and that started my interest in the film. Then the name of the actors/actress began to appear at the screen, and this name completely aroused my attention – JO IN SUNG (Memories of Bali). OMG, as in o-m-g. JIS is like one of my ultimate crushes, and I wasn’t really expecting that he will be one of the lead in this movie. Hooray, I was in for a trip. Haha.

Okay, the story is very good. There are sort of two stories in it, one is about the past and the other is about the present. Sobrang nakakakilig, especially yung story dun sa present, I was blushing, and I told myself, asan ang puso ko? nasan na ang puso ko? At that point, I knew that I am totally in love with the movie. It’s perfect, plus, there are no boring parts. There are twists and I so love them, they made me think, and all the while I was wondering, how the hell did that happen? So what I did is I replayed it a few minutes before and I get it. It’s so sweet. My favorite korean movie ever.