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April 22, 2008
I love this series.


A story about a class of genius students of Dan Detective School. Together, they solve crimes that are happening around. Things began to be of interest when they have learned that a group is behind all the murders happening – Pluto.

Members of Class Q:

Kyuu Renjo (Kamiki Ryunosuke) – can be considered the leader of Class Q. A bright and optimistic boy. He’s a person with a golden heart. Treasures his friend deeply.

Megumi Minami (Shida Mirai) – the only girl in the class. She has a photographic memory, allowing her to memorize something instantly, however with this great talent she also bears photographic scenes of unfortunate events.

Ryuu Amakusa (Yamada Ryosuke) – A boy genius. He has a cold and mysterious personality but when he had met Class Q, he began to realize the value of friendship. But he has a dark background, it was later revealed in the show that he is related to Pluto.

Kazuma Narusawa (Wakaba Katsumi) – a rich, well known computer games programmer. Better to say a prodigy in this field. He often operates with his laptop.

Kintaro Toyama (Kaname Jun) – the eldest member of class Q. He’s the strongest among them.

My Review

I’ve enjoyed watching this. This is the first series that I’ve watched on a streaming site. haha. One thing that attracted me is the mystery behind who the suspect is in every episode. I’ll admit the plot of some of the cases isn’t that great as that of Detective Conan’s but it’s fairly exciting. And I’ve guess some of the murderers. HAHA. But the cases are pretty easy, it’s obvious.

I love class Q. All of them are good. The actors/actress have acted well. But I am really into Ryuu (Yamada), I don’t know if it’s his personality or because Yamada’s the one acting but he’s my favorite. When he was s**b***, I’ve cried.

Moreover, I like how Kyuu values friendship. Kyuu’s selfless, his trust in Ryuu till the end is unbelievable. Their friendship is strong, and from that one can learn a lot. I’ll surely miss watching this, I’d still want to see the Kyuu-Megu-Ryuu Love Triangle. ^^

Here’s an excerpt of one of my fav. parts (involving Kyuu-Megu-Ryuu):

Ryuu have just gotten out from the hospital, Megu was feeding him, this was the scene when Kyuu, Kinta and Kazuma arrived.

Megu: Here, say aahh
Kinta: Hey, Hey, Since when did you two start having that kind of relationship?
Kyu: Ah, t-that kind of relationship?
Ryuu: Kinta, Kinta it’s a misunderstanding, misunderstanding!
Kazuma: To think that Ryuu and Megu were going out.. You got me there.
Kyuu: Going out.. (shocked expression)
Megu: Ryuu, since it came to this, do you want me to announce that we’re dating?
Ryuu: If you don’t stop, I’ll get mad.
Megu: Ryuu, you’re no fun. He’s still in pain, so I was just helping him
Kinta: Oh, that’s how it is, huh?
Kazuma: I almost doubted Ryuu’s tatse.
Megu: Hey Kazuma, what do you mean by that?
Kazuma: Ah, nothing.