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Posted on April 17, 2008
I’m happy. 😀 At long last I’ve found something interesting to watch. I like Detective Stories. This reminds me of Detective Conan (which is my favorite anime).


The Special comes first before the series.

The story started with Kyuu Renjo(Ryunosuke Kamiki). Kyuu dreams to be a detective and so he decided to enroll in Dan’s Detective School. The special focuses on how Kyuu, together with his to-be friends (Megumi, Ryuu, Kazuma and Kinta), will be able to pass the examinations to enter DDS.

My Review

This special’s good. I’ve thouroughly enjoyed watching this, I’m such a fan of detective stories (I’ve already mentioned it, haha). There’s no dull moment. Plus the characters are all adorable.

I especially like Ryuu(Yamada Ryosuke), waaa his character is so loveable, the mysterious and silent type, and Yamada’s so cute!!! He’s a cutie. If only he isn’t younger than me(he’s only 14), gyaaaaa ~ I think I’m already a fan of his. Kyuu’s cute also, his character’s funny and his mind is unbelievable. And I know this series is about kids, but well I love to see Ryuu – Megumi – Kyuu! Yey, hope it will develop into a love triangle. And the last scene where in Ryuu accepted Megu’s invitation (originally intended for Kyuu), waa I think I’ll faint, that was so sweet.

And because of watching the special, I’ll watch the series soon, I think I’ll watch it now. I’m looking forward to the cases. 😀