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Posted on December 30, 2007

I think one way to attract viewers to watch a show is a good Promotional Video. When I mean good, the gist of the story should be presented in a nice manner, plus it should be accompanied with a good song. Why a good song? It’s because it’s the thing that attracts a person’s attention – well it worked for me.

Spring Waltz has always been on my list of to-watch asian series, but it only remained that way for I am hesitating, I’m not that certain if the plot’s good. I don’t want to risk my money for such. Then I’ve gotten feedbacks on how good it is, but it still didn’t urge me to watch it. One day when I was channel surfing, there’s this commercial, from the looks of it it’s a kdrama – Spring Waltz, then after watching the CM, this line (from the song used) keeps popping in my mind “And I Love You So x infinity , the song’s really great and the video’s good. It’s an addition that they mentioned that some of the scenes were taken from Austria. [and Daniel Henney’s there]

And so, I’ve watched its Pilot Episode on ABS, you don’t have to guess what happened next, I was hooked, I was thinking, “I’ve got to buy this.” Another day passed, and still I haven’t bought the copy, I was still watching it in ABS, and I’m growing impatient, gusto ko na talaga siyang panuorin ng tuloy tuloy. Bigla ko na nga lang nasabi, grabe na talaga ko, di ko na kayang maghintay, sobrang addict na ko. Maybe that’s the reason why I don’t watch asian series on television – I don’t want my attention to be sustained. Two days after, I’ve gotten my copy. YAY, and now, I’ve just finished marathoning it.

Spring Waltz is the last installment of the Endless Love series. I’ve watched almost all of it, except for Summer Scent (only watched the first epi, din’t like it). Winter Sonata and Autumn Tale are my fave, though I’ve really cried a lot on the latter. As of now, Spring Waltz is also a fave of mine.

My review:


Overall, the story’s beautiful. My favorite would be from episodes 1 – 11. My addiction may be rooted from watching its pilot episode, it’s an attention getter, believe me. Austria’s magnificent, such a nice location for a nice story, and poof, you’ve got an excellent show. So many kilig parts, and bagay na bagay talaga yung One Love (OST), minsan nga tugtugin lang yun kinikilig na ko eh. (Magtatagalog muna ako) Pero medyo mahaba yung series, kaya minsan may mga episodes na boring at nakakaasar. Base nga din sa isang blog na nabasa ko, mas okay kung mga 14 – 16 episodes lang siya. May mga parts na predictable na yung mangyayari. Pero love ko pa din yung story. Medyo mahaba yung part nung mga bata pa sila kaya finest forward ko na lang. LOL

First time kong mapanood yung dalawang lead. As for Daniel and Lee So Yeon, I’ve watched some of their dramas.

Jae Ha (Seo Do-young) – though di siya ganung ka gwapo, kering keri naman niya yung role, bagay sa kanya yung tahimik na may pagka mysterious, galing pa niyang magpiano (sana lagi na lang siyang nagpipiano). And bagay talaga sila ni Eun Young.

Eun Young (Han Hyo Joo) – Here’s the face na kahit titigan mo magdamag eh hindi ka magsasawa, tuwing nakikita ko siya, nasasabi ko na lang “ang ganda ganda niya”, ang inosente niyang tingnan lalo na pag tumatawa siya, siya yung nagbibigay kulay sa series.

Philip (Daniel Henney) – what more can I say? Sige nga, tindig at porma pa lang pamatay na. Hunk talaga siya, sobrang nikikilig ako pag nagsisimula na siyang magpacute sa mga girls. Pero siguro kahit na ilang beses siya lumamang ng kagwapuhan kay Jae Ha, Jae Ha – Eun Young pa rin ako. Ewan ko ba, pero mas like ko si Daniel (na siya). Buti na lang napakaunderstanding ng character niya.

Ina (Lee So Yeon) – first watched her sa Super Rookie, as usual kontrabiad na naman. Sa totoo lang effective siyang kontrabida, asar na asar kaya sa kanya yung brother ko, sa sobrang kaasaran eh tuwing siya yung nasa screen e pinapa fast forward ng kapatid ko. HAHA. But second most hated ko lang siya sa series, pinaka hate ko yung nanay ni Jae Ha, sobrang nakakaasar.

Till here na lang. This review’s so long (got carried away). 😀

[Editor’s note]

Some parts are in english (as you can see), but then halfway through, I’ve written it in Filipino, I was so lazy to do it in English that time.