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Posted on December 26, 2007

I’ve just finished watching this series. Yes it’s a Korean series and not Andersen’s Snow Queen fairy tale. Actually it was just when I’ve purchased this series that I’ve known the existence of such a fairytale. The story pretty much included details from the tale, but since I haven’t read the book yet, I’m as clueless as you may possibly think. All I know is that the Snow Queen’s heart is made of ice (not literally), and I think that it has some connection with the lead actress in the series (perhaps she’s like the snow queen???). But don’t get mistaken as to thinking that this series follows Andersen’s tale (I can’t explain..)

If you’re not so into the heavy type of drama (i.e. Endless Love, Stairway to Heaven, etc.), then don’t watch this. If you don’t want to witness a tragic ending, don’t watch this. But if you’re a Hyun Bin fanatic, you should definitely see this. If you’ve already watch Kim Sam Soon, you would know that the Hyun Bin in Snow Queen is way way different from it. If in KSS he is this happy go lucky guy, in SQ he is this person who carries the burden of the world, his role is so mature, that I was impressed of how well Bin acted, I’m still in awe that he can really act to that intense. The truth is, I wasn’t ready to see him in such a miser role, but since he’s Bin, I know you know what I mean.

The story revolved with Tae Woong’s (Bin) best friend’s unexpected death. Since before his death, the two quarreled, Tae Woong put all the blame to himself, to the extent that he dropped out from High School, left home and started to live a new life as a boxer under a new name. I really hate this part, because you know Tae Woong is a genius, I mean he’s so so bright, he has won this international math Olympiad, and therefore he has beaten his also genius best friend, the rest is history.

The story is a little bit complex because of Bo Ra (the girl whom Tae Woong loves), I wouldn’t elaborate much. I pity Tae Woong all through out, for he has experienced all the problems that the world has to offer (I’m a bit exaggerating). It breaks my heart watching him suffer. Honestly speaking, there are boring parts, especially at the middle, but it didn’t affect my interest in watching this. The story’s okay, the ending has brought me tears, but I somehow find the ending lacking, I was expecting more tears (from myself).

I’ve watched this with my bro, it’s pretty amusing how he managed to sit through those long hours watching Snow Queen (we stayed up to 3 am for two days), to add up, not so many men watched Koreanovelas. I was really happy that he appreciated it, and I’ll leave it up to you if you decided to give Snow Queen a try. ^^