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Posted on April 16, 2008
Yey, have finished this at long last. The story’s pretty okay, I was expecting more but well it’s okay.


Xiao Mai (Angela Zhang) has lived a normal life, living with her parents, while at the same time dreaming to become rich. One day, she was shocked to learn that she was the lost granddaughter of Huangfu Xiong, the richest man in Asia. How will she adopt to the life of the rich? Will she be able to find true love.

Here’s the story like Cinderella, the term “from rags to riches” propery suits this drama. Also included in the cast are Wu Zun and Calvin Chen of Fahrenheit.

My Review

I’ve known of this since last year, but I only have the chance to watch it now, that was I think October when I’ve watched its first episode, and when I’ve seen the opening theme, I was screaming my heart out, darn Chun’s so hot, he’s like a girl’s Prince Charming.

The story’s good, hmm, but not that great. Certainly everytime Chun is there it makes a girl go crazy, sobrang kinikilig na ang mga tao. However, I’m not really in for that part. The story’s pretty cheesy, I could have tolerated it but then there’s too much romantic parts and kissing scenes. I think it just spoils everything, I have appreciated it during the first few episodes but then the more that I see it, I just shrugged my shoulder and cover my eyes, I’m not a fan of mushy series. Hey, for Chun fans out there, don’t get angry with me, we all have our own opinions, I’m also a fan of his.

About Chun, haaay, what more can I say? His mere presence is enough to attract attention, but acting wise I think he needs improvement, they should give him more challenging roles. I think I’m liking Calvin’s character more. I don’t know, at first I didn’t even have to think of him but as the story develops, Cai’s like one’s ideal guy, too bad the story doesn’t involved him falling inlove with Xiao Mai.

Enough of my rant, the series so funny, haha. I especially like Sen Chuan and Xiao Mai’s grandfather and also Lin. wahaha. They give life to the story. To end this, I’m not discouraging you to watch this, you should try it, hmmm, maybe I’m just not in the mood for over romantic series. hehe. Try it for yourself and then tell me what you think of it. And by the way, the ending’s sort of lacking.