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Posted on April 7, 2008

After almost 2 weeks of waiting for the subs to come out, I’ve finally watch Pro Dai’s SP, and I’m glad and crying. Sheez, I’m always crying. Why is it that I’m always crying everytime I watch Yamapi on a series, I think that shows how much I love him acting, and how effective his character is on me.


Okay, so I am not going to spoil everyone about what happened in the SP, I’ll just say the basic facts, facts that you can see on search engines.

Picking up from where the series ended, it’s been almost a year since the incident in the church happened (for those who have watched, you should know what I’m talking about, for those who haven’t, just watch the series first okay? ^^). But Rei and Ken’s relationship hasn’t progressed that much. Putting that aside, everyone is busy preparing for Tsuru and Eri’s wedding (in Hawaii), but then on the wedding day itself, Eri didn’t show up. Now it’s up to Ken to help fix his friend’s planned wedding. Will he use his “hallelujah chance” and will he and Rei finally have a proper ending??

Spoiler stops here. I have to hold myself to not blurt out the whole story. But I’m so tempted. Haha. 😀

My Review

The SP’s so good. Really great. As I’ve said I have cried again, and is still crying. Damn, this is so beautiful. I am so touched at every scene, and one of the reasons on why I have cried is because of Tsuru, this guy is so nice, even though he’s not that good looking but I gotta give him the praise, he’s the man!.

Again, the story doesn’t only revolve on the two main characters, but the friendship of Ken Zou with his friends. I can’t talk much because there isn’t more to say, but I am a fan of Ken’s efforts in this Special. This story has made me cry, laugh and blush.

This drama’s ending is nice. Perfect ending, though I hope I have a glimpse of their w******. Plus, Hawaii’s so beautiful, such a romantic place. I especially like the thing about the shoes, haha, Ken’s so loveable, isn’t he?

Screen Caps

Here are some of the caps that I’ve taken while watching the SP. Enjoy. 

I have the caps for the last few moments of the SP, but I’ll not post it here. If you want to see (and spoil yourself, major spoiler alert), Just click this and this.

Last Notes

It took me 2 and a half days to DL this, my internet’s connection is so unpredictable, DL-ing this has kept me busy for the past few days.

One thing I’ve noticed while watching this is how Yamapi looked, he looks so haggard and thin, he’s so overworked these days, he should rest. Anyway, even though I’ve enjoyed watching this, I’m sad, because it will be the last time that I’ll see Ken zou and the rest. As a parting word:

Hallelujah Chance!