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Posted on April 13, 2008

I…………………………can’t……………………..think properly……………………….

My head aches…………………..My eyes hurt……………………….I feel I’m going to be sick……..I’m crying non stop.

Arggh, these are just some of the effects of this series on me. I have been warned before watching this that this isn’t just a drama, but how can I let such a good drama pass? And this is the first Ryo-drama that I’ve watched.

Okay, so everybody’s right, the title “One Litre of Tears” is such an understatement, I feel that I’ve cried buckets because of this.


Aya Ikeuchi (Erika Sawijiri) is your normal 15-year old girl, however lately “things” have been happening to her. She keeps on falling down, and isn’t able to walk properly. It was then found out that Aya’s suffering from a disease called >Spinocerebellar Degeneration– a disease where in it leaves the victim unable to speak, walk, eat, etc. How will Aya and everyone around her cope up with this?

What’s even more heart breaking about this, is the story’s based on the real life struggles of Aya. The story/script is based on the Diary that she has written until the time that she can’t even write. The book, entitled “One Litre of Tears” has sold a lot of copies in Japan and elsewhere (I think).

My Review/Reasons to Watch this:

1. The story’s great (though it’s so sad), I’m sure all of those who have watched it has been touched on Aya’s struggle.

2. You’ll definitely cry buckets of tears. OMG, when I’ve first watch its first episode, I’ve already cried, actually I’ve cried at all episodes, and I’m still in a shock now.

3. You’ll learn to appreciate the value of “living”, what I mean is waking up in the morning is a lot to be thankful for.

4. All of the characters have acted well. Aya’s so pitiful but she’s so kawaii nonetheless, I pity Aya so much.

5. I love Asou-kun(Nishikido Ryo). Ryo acting as Asou is the best role for him. It suited him well. I’m crying whenever he cries. I always imagined Ryo as the “Asou” kind of guy. I guess I’m liking Ryo, haha.

6. Though 1LoT is full of crying, there are still funny parts. One of my most loved character is Aya’s dad. He’s so funny. HAHA (makes watching it less dramatic)

7. I think I love everything about the story, though I already know what will happen in the end, I’ve still cried.

8. This has made my eyes hurt badly. I have difficulty keeping my eyes open.

9. The part where in they show the true Aya has made me cry also.

10. If you want to cry nonstop, watch this okay? If ever you would not cry, I think there is something wrong with you.

I couldn’t add more, I’m still shocked and I’m not in the condition to think straight. Glad that I’m not that depressed before watching this or else I would have broken down. hehe. I think I’ll watch the SP some other time, I couldn’t tolerate myself crying again, and I think I’ll take a break from watching heavy dramas. But this is a must see.

[EDITED – 04/30/08]
Yatta, I’ve watched the SP, though it’s more on the fashbacks, but I still cry (thoug a little this time)

Last word: Ryo/Asou, you just have to cry, and you know what? I’ll cry too. I’ve noticed that Ryo chan’s eyes are so expressive. 😀