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Posted on April 12, 2008

HAHA. This series is so funny. I’ve totally enjoyed Nodame Cantabile. Even though before I’ve found orchestra’s boring and I’m not even an inch interested in Classical Music but through watching this, I’ve seen these things in a new light.

Just a little background of the story for you.

This series revolves around students studying at Momogaoka College of Music. Nodame (Ueno Juri) is a piano student at this school, she’s a very talented pianist but she dreams to become a kindergarten teacher someday. However, she’s kind of stubborn, she isn’t that serious in playing, she only do what she likes, and aside from that she is a messy type of gal, she seldom takes a bath, and she lives in a house of trash. hehe

Meanwhile, Chiaki Shinichi (Tamaki Hiroshi) is Momogaoka’s top student, he plays the piano and the violin. He dreams to be a conductor someday. Things got more exciting after Chiaki and Nodame’s accidental meeting. 😀

Reasons to Watch This/My Review

1. You’re in for a laughtrip, every episode’s so so funny, especially their facial expressions.
2. The Music used are great. Even though you aren’t a fan of Mozart, Beethoven and the like, you’ll learn to appreciate it more.

3. Nodame’s so kawaii and funny. HAHA. I love her, she’s so adorable, I’m moved by her character.
4. Chiaki’s one hell of a musician, I’m a fan of his, he’s such a genius. Plus Tamaki’s acting is great. I wouldn’t have imagined him making those facial expressions. HAHAHA
5. There are no boring parts.
6. All the characters are lovable.
7. You’ve got to know stuff about musicians.
8. The drama’s touching, I’ve cried at some parts.
9. Makes one aspire to become a musician (well it worked for me)
10. The piano part is awesome.

There are still a lot more, but I’ll leave it to you, just watch it okay? For music lovers, try this. 🙂 I’m gonna watch the SP soon (will watch One Litre of Tears first)