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Posted on February 17, 2008

First Yamapi series that I’ve watched. I was looking forward to watch this way way back, and during that time, I didn’t know yamapi yet. Good thing that a friend of mine has a dvd of this, so I was spared from buying it.

The story revolved around three people, two guys and a girl. Shuji (kame) is this popular male student, who gets along with everyone, then there is this guy, Akira (yamapi), who is the exact opposite of Shuji, hmmm, Akira for me can be defined as this childish, happy go lucky/loner kind of guy. The catch is Akira always stick to Shuji’s side which annoys Shuji ‘coz it is totally ‘uncool’ to be seen with Akira. The story started with the arrival of Nobuko, a very weird girl (as in a super weirdo, mysterious, etc.), and since she is weird, she gets bully often. To cut the story short, Shuji and Akira sort of has this goal to produce Nobuko, they want to make Nobuko the most popular girl in school. I wouldn’t elaborate more, just watch it.

If you’re expecting that this is a romantic series, you’re definitely mistaken. Friendship is the most evident theme in this one. Friendship prevailed over love. It’s refreshing to watch this series. During the first few episodes I find the story ordinary, but as it neared its end, I understand why people loved this series. It gets exciting as the story develops. But it would be better if there’s some touch of love in it. I love to see Nobuko (Nobuta) and Akira together. But it’s impossible.

Moving on, I was expecting that after I’ve seen this, I’ll be hooked with Yamapi, but as it turns out, he hasn’t bloomed yet in NWP, though you can see his looks improving all through out the show, he’s cutest in the last few episodes. But I love his character in here, he’s so funny, especially when he does his “kon thing” and the bumping. Love him more in Kurosagi (drools), even equaled my affection to Toma kun. Nobuta’s okay too, Maki’s cute when she makes this “Nobuta Power enter” sign. And About Kame, I love him more in Gokusen. A good series but it isn’t my favorite.