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Posted on April 22, 2008
One of the best Taiwanese Series I’ve watched. Therefore, this review would be long. I just love this show.


My Lucky Star is a story about Ah Xing (Yoo Ha Na), a liar and a thief who copies and forges jewelries and Tian Qi (Jimmy Lin), the second son of the owner of E. Shine, a huge jewellery empire, and a world class F1 racer.

One fated day, while Ah Xing was running from the police, she accidentaly bumps into Tian Qi, Tian Qi had thought that Ah Xing has stolen his earring (truth is, it fell when they bumped into each other) and therefore he stopped her, which caused the latter to be caught.

After a year, Ah Xing is released, meanwhile Tian Qi has just gotten back to Taiwan to attend the engagement party of his brother with his (Tian Qi) ex-girlfriend. And again, Tian Qi and Ah Xing have met accidentaly. And this is when the story develops, but then there are many circumstances along the way: how will an ex-convict and an heir match each other? Also there’s the presence of Ou Ya Ruo, Tian Qi’s ex who’s still harbouring feelings for him. Most notable of this is when Tian Qi’s brother have died in a car accident and he took all the blame to Ah Xing, hating her.

My Review

Frankly speaking, I’ve no high expectation of this when I’ve started watching it. The first episode was okay but then I thought that it’s almost the same as every other shows around. I thought that it will be just the sappy, overly romantic series where in the leads would just show their sweetness, blah blah.

BUT I WAS WRONG. My Lucky Star is different, it has exceeded my expectation, it is beautiful. It is different from others, though there are similarities with other shows, but it is just exceptional. Yeah, I’ll be using that term, I love this series.

If you’ve only based your opinion on watching the first few episodes, I’d urge you to continue watching it. It’s one of the rare series (one would be ISWAK) where in the story picks up after each episode, and where in there’s no boring part, where in each episode involves a great scene.


Jimmy Lin as Tian Qi – I’ve never liked Jimmy, well I do not hate him but I do not like him either.So you could imagine that before watching this, I’m not that eager on watching him. I thought that he’s not that ideal to act Tian Qi’s part, I’ll always remember him as the guy from “The Amazing Twins“. But, yes there’s a but, I’ve mistaken something again. Jimmy as Tian Qi is perfect. I have high respect of Jimmy now, I admire him. It can’t be classified as fan girling, my view of him is more respectable, just like when one looks up to his senpai. I idolized Jimmy Lin. He’s one of the best, probably. I don’t know what changed my view of him but everytime his face lit the screen, I’m drawn into awe, man this guy can surely act. He magnificently portrayed Tian Qi, and this guy was 34 when he’d filmed this, but everytime I see him he’s like in his 20’s, haha, plus Tian Qi is supposed to be in his 20’s, looks can be deceiving. I find him charming, he’s like a kid. Hooray for Jimmy!

Yoo Ha Na as Ah Xing – When I’ve first seen her, I thought that she was ordinary, but as I see her character grow, I find her cute, and there were a lot of times that I thought that she looked like someone from a Korean series, and then I found out yesterday that SHE IS INDEED A KOREAN. I was thinking “Isn’t this supposed to be a Taiwanese Drama, what is a Korean doing here?”. But Ha Na has done a great job. I was impressed because even though she can’t speak and understand Mandarin, she was still able to convey what her character needs to be. They have just dubbed Yoo Ha Na’s voice, hehe, that explained why I felt weird hearing Ah Xing speak Mandarin. LOL. And Ha Na’s a crybaby, haha. She and Jimmy have chemistry. πŸ˜€

The Story Itself

When I first learned that this is a 20 episode show, I thought that how can the story be exciting if it stretched on that long? And during the first few episodes when Ah Xing and Tian Qi have gotten along well, I thought that “Now, what? so they’re falling for each other, what will happen later?”. I was prepared to witness the same old scene and also the boredom that comes with it. But it never came. Just when I thought that the story would be boring, here comes a shocker, there would be always something to look forward to. It even got more exciting when Han Zhi Yin‘s character was introduced. That was I think in episode 12.

One thing I’ve noticed in dramas is that they start out right but during the middle part it gets draggy, My Lucky Star is an exemption (I’ve mentioned it already), wheeew, this is like a 2 season series fused into a single show. During the first half you would see the development between Ah Xing and Tian Qi and during the other, it would be Tian Qi’s hatred in Ah Xing, and how these two will realized that they still love each other. It’s as if the series is reborn, the second half took place 5 years after the death of Tian Qi’s brother, and now the story even presented Han Zhi Yin, who would make Tian Qi jealous. WAHAHA. I also liked the car race scene, Jimmy can surely drive! And he can sing.

I told you, this would be long but this is definitely a MUST SEE. My cousin and I, still have a hang over from watching MLS, though the ending isn’t that well crafted but it’s just a little matter. Even though I just finished this today, it has become one of my favorites. πŸ˜€