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Posted on April 28, 2008

Tomoya’s expressions were so cute. LOL


Sakaki Makio (Tomoya Nagase) is the eldest son of a Yakuza Boss. However, no matter how strong he is, there’s something lacking, he’s a complete baka. To be able to inherit his father’s position, he was asked to enroll in Agnes Gakuen and graduate there. He disguised himself as a 17 year old student, when infact he’s 27. How will Makio fit into a world of teenagers? Will he be able to hide is identity?

My Review

This reminds me of Gokusen, the plot’s similar. Tomoya’s a funny man, his facial expressions have kept me laughing. wahaha. The story’s crazy as well, haha, especially the pudding part and when Makky has experienced the midget in his heart. LOL

And this is the first series of Tego that I’ve watched, my brother keeps on telling me that Tego looks soft but I told him that he’s not, Tego’s cute (I’m liking him). ^^ One thing I’ve noticed, this is full of JE Boys, ne? One is from Tokio, the other is from NewS, and the last was from Kat-Tun. Kazu’s funny, I’m not that familiar with Kat-Tun (I only know Kame and Jin), but Kazu’s adorable, he’s second to Makky with regards to my laughing meter. hehe.

The story’s okay over all. 😀