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Posted on April 3, 2008

At last, after almost two months of watching this I have officialy finished this series. It isn’t because I don’t love this that it took me this long, but rather it is my LOVE for Kurosagi that has done this. Okay, I’ve first watch its first episode on Feb. 13 this year(I can still remember), but I’ve always passed finishing it, because I want to watch this when I’m free, so maybe that’s the reason why I’ve watched Nobuta and ProDai first.


Kurosaki (Yamapi) is a young man whose family has been murdered by his own father, the reason for such is because of his father being swindled. Despite that, Kurosaki has grown to be a con artist, swindling others of his kind and then returning the money to the victims. In the process, he works for the greatest swindler of all time, Katsuragi though the latter is somehow involve in the destruction of his family. Primarily, Kurosaki works for the man to finally have his revenge on him, however before he does that, he needs to face the other persons involve in his family’s death. Kurosagi’s life seemed to change with the arrival of Yoshikawa Tsurara (Maki), a student who dreams to be a prosecutor some day…

My Review

I’ve been busy reading people’s thought on the series on different forums, however that has made me disappointed. I kept on reading stuff that they don’t really like this, yes, they have watched but it isn’t that great. I’m somewhat angered by this, though I have to respect their opinion. FOR ME, this is the best series of Yamapi so far.

The Swindling

Kurosagi isn’t a story about romance and the kind. It’s more of the action type, as the title suggests it’s about Swindling. That’s maybe the reason why I like this so much, its story reminds me of Detective Conan and Lupin. That even though you haven’t watched it from the start, you’ll surely catch up. It also has no boring parts, I’m always anticipating every case that Kurosaki handles, and how he’ll pull the trick.

I admit that although sometimes I’m at a lost in some episodes because the Swindling world is foreign to me, but one can learn a lot of lessons in here. One can learn to be cautious of trusting people when it comes to business.

The Casts

Yamashita Tomohisa as Kurosaki

Though people have said that he isn’t that believable of a swindler, his portrayal of his character has been superb. Maybe I’m a little biased here (since I’m a fan of his) but I can’t see someone who’ll be able to pull this character. Mind you, I’m not even his fan when I’ve first watch this. People are saying that he isn’t that reliable because he’s not serious, blah blah. They have said this because in most part of the series he’s acting childishly just like his character in Nobuta, but then it has worked in a good way, he’s so funny when he shows his akira side, wouldn’t it be too boring if the actor is way too serious? Plus he is so hot in these series, omg, and I wouldn’t mind always seeing him in his red suspenders.

Horikita Maki as Tsurara

I’m going to admit that I’m so so irritated with her character in this series, she’s always getting into Kurosagi’s affair, always nagging him, a pain in the neck as one would say, I’ve only liked her towards the end of the story and I pity her. I liked her more in Hana Kimi. But one can’t deny the chemistry between her and Yamapi, OMG, I think I’m going to faint everytime I see them together, bad thing there are only limited sweet scenes between them, but I would like to see them together. Oh please. YAMAKI ^^ I especially like the “fireworks” scene, and the times where in Yamapi would call her Yoshida. I wish I am Maki.

Other Characters

Arrgh, actually I would only want to comment on one character – YUKARI. I hate her, she’s a pain in the a**. URGGHHH, her character’s so dense, grrrrrrr. It’s all her fault. hmp.

The story over-all

Like I’ve said it’s my favorite Yamapi series so far. I love all the things about it. I love it when Yamapi disguises himself, so kawaii! And also the song’s so addicting. “Daite Daite Daite Senorita, Tsuyoku Tsuyoku…. HEHE, enough of that. I strongly recommend it to you, but if you’re not into the action type maybe you should pass. But this is so loveable, isn’t it obvious?

Again, I have cried at the end, Kurosaki’s so pitiful, especially when he was a*r****d. Sheez, I’m always crying because of his series. Anyway, the end’s more of a cliffhanger, maybe that’s why they have made a movie. I’m so looking forward to watching it. Definitely a must see.

“Thank you as always”