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I’ll first stop importing my reviews for a very special announcement:


I’m a noob into the JE world, but I know some of them.

As for their music, I’m into NewS, but a little while ago, I’ve done some research on other JE groups, like Kat-Tun and Kanjani8.

And now I’m watching for the very first time, Kat-Tun’s Don’t You Ever Stop PV, damn! those boys are effing hot! My heart’s racing. I know them as actors, this is the first time that I’m looking at them as a band.


OMG, I’m torrrrrnnnnnnn. I can’t choose between Jin, Kame and Junno. At some point I’m into Junno, but then Jin and Kame would surprise me looking so smexy and all, man, hottie overload.

But I think, Jin’s the hottest, sheeez. But I like Junno, but then Kame’s also in my mind. I’m going crazy. Seriously. JE boys why are you everywhere.

I hope I’ll have a good night’s sleep.