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Posted on April 18, 2008

So I said I won’t watch a drama show (in this case a movie). Yet, I’ve watched this. And again there are tears falling from my eyes. Have watched this because of a recommendation from a friend (thanks sis cindy).

I’m too lazy to make a synopsis so I’ll just say it plainly. The story revolves around Makoto (Tamaki Hiroshi) and Shizuru (Aoi Miyuki), both have first met during college. Shizuru isn’t your average girl she’s perhaps a weirdo while Makoto isn’t that cool too, he’s so shy. Makoto’s a photographer and he introduced this to Shizuru. Things began to get complicated when Makoto was drawn to a group of “cool people” which includes his crush Miyuki. So I’ll stop here.

My Review

The story’s beautiful. And as expected it has “that” ending, I thought I wouldn’t cry but I did. At first, I wasn’t that interested in watching but as I continued, things began to get pretty good.

One thing I’ve noticed, Tamaki looks like Toma-kun in here, I don’t know but everytime I see him I remember Toma. But I prefer Tamaki as Chiaki (Nodame) than Makoto.
I’m a little frustrated in this film because I feel that Shizuru’s so pitiful, I know she’s happy at how things ended but I would have liked it more if she and Makoto have their “moment”. The ending’s great, the part where in Makoto is in the gallery and the time where in he sees the “photograph”, ahh and the words ~ that was sweet. I can’t talk more. This movie’s nice.