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Posted on December 26, 2007

Since my pc’s already fixed, might as well do a good review of this jdrama (just go to the reviews section to view my older review).

 I’m familiar with its story since I’ve already watched the TW version of this. I tell you, don’t expect that the story would be exactly the same, the Jap Version strongly adhered to the manga. Just like Hanadan and MG.

 Confession no. 1: The first reason for me watching this is because of OguShun, I’ve also liked him in Gokusen, GTO and especially in Hanadan. It’s good to know that he will be the lead in this one. So while I was waiting for my first look in HnKe, I was like “OguShun, OguShun, OguShun!!!!”

Confession no. 2: There were only two Japanese actors that I’ve seriously liked, MatsuJun and OguShun, however, that was before I’ve watched this series. Now there are three, MatsuJun, OguShun and Ikuta Toma.

 Confession no. 3: After watching the TW version, there is no doubt that Quan is the perfect guy(Sano), so before watching Hnke, I only have Sano in my eyes. After watching it, there is still one guy, but it isn’t Sano now, it’s Nakatsu Shuichi.

          Here’s my review:

          I think that both the TW and Jap. Version has its good points, but I’ll focus on the strong points of the Jap version (sorry if I’ll be comparing both versions).

First, the three leads, hmmmm, I think that Shun, Maki and Toma are the most perfect actors to portray the roles. They surely complement each other. No one is above the other, so it’s truly great.

Second, the series doesn’t only focus on the relationship between Sano and Mizuki, it’s not only about love, but it’s about friendship, trust and hope.

 Third, the story is fast paced, but although it is, one can still grasp the story better. And in a way it creates no boring parts. All episodes are enjoyable.

Fourth, almost all of the casts have good exposures. It doesn’t only concern the brewing love triangle of Sano-Mizuki-Nakatsu and Sano’s problem about his high jumping, but it never fails to include the scene between the three dorms, whether it’s a contest, an event or a panty stealing case, always expect that Dorms 1, 2, and 3 will give you a laugh. Maybe, it’s one of my favorite parts in this series. I always love to see Tennouji, Nanba and Himejima [see above pic] (together with their respective co dormers) battling each other with their different personalities.

Fifth, the biggest revelation to me here is Nakatsu Shuichi. I’ve always thought of him as this crazy, immature and laughable guy. It may be attributed to Jiro’s (TW version) portrayal of him. But after watching the first episode of Hnke, I realized that there is depth in his character. For the first time, I’ve seen a different side of Nakatsu. And as the story progresses, I find myself admiring him, especially the part when he is starting to like Mizuki. Ikuta Toma, surely knows how to act, no wonder he won best supporting role in this drama. Don’t get me wrong, Nakatsu is still Nakatsu, he’s still crazy, esp. when he talks to his self, so kawaii.


Sixth, Before I’m a strong admirer of Sano-Mizuki, but now, I’m more into Nakatsu-Shuichi. Lol. Seriously, the director has made the right decision in casting Toma for the role. Now, Sano has finally met a note worthy rival. And in a way, the fans will be torn between the two. Whether Sano or Nakatsu, I really can’t tell because Shun and Toma are so DARN HOT. Unlike in the TW version where in you would definitely root for Chun (hey wu zun is so gorgeous).

Lastly, Hanazakari no Kimitachi e’s ending is the best. Best because, even if there is no sequel to it, I’m totally fine with it, for it has completely satisfied me. All problems have been resolve, and all the students are happy. What more could you ask for? Though it would be better if there is a SP where it shows the residents of Dorms 1, 2, and 3 flying over to California. 🙂

 I still have a lot of appraisal for this, but the space won’t be enough. All I want to say is that I’m thankful that I’ve watched this, because if not, how can I discover Ikuta Toma (seen him first in HYD 2)? LOL. >=) and of course the rest of them???