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Posted on March 8, 2008

The third installment to the Twilight series.

Just finished reading it a while ago. I’m currently suffering from mixed emotions. I have enjoyed reading it but somehow I was saddened and more so I’m troubled. I’m speechless in a way but in my mind, there are a lot of thoughts circling in.

The story’s fantastic, no doubt about that. I thought its plot would center on how the Cullens and the werewolves would fight off Victoria’s coven. However, it isn’t it. It’s more of who Bella chooses, would it be Edward or Jacob? At the beginning, I already have this gut feeling that it would happen, based from the poem “Fire and Ice” that the author quoted.

Arrgghhh. It’s annoying me. If before I was so sure that Bella would choose Edward, now I’m on doubt. It troubles me. Why does it have to be this way? Bella, please choose Edward. Pretty please. I’m kind of irritated with Bella, I’m confused at her emotions. At some point in the story, I’m utterly convinced that she loved Jacob more than Edward, and it freaks me out. A major no-no.

Enough of my troubles. My favorite part in the book would be the point where in Edward proposes (formally) to Bella, it’s just so sweet. I couldn’t imagine it happening. While I was reading it, I’m throwing fits like I was crazy, it’s so overwhelming. In a way it was humorous, funny and romantic. But then there’s someone hindering me to be all so merry that they will have a happy ending. OMG.

I do hope (I think I’ve said this for the nth time already) Bella and Edward end up together. I’m definitely waiting for the fourth book. But I don’t want Bella to become a vampire, if there’s any other way that they can achieve true love let them be, it just spoils the whole thing. The ending’s lacking, I hoped to witness how Charlie would react to their marriage. And I’m sort of puzzled on why Jacob’s thought is the one in the epilogue? Does it mean that we will see more of his thoughts on the fourth book? Is this an indication that something terrible will happen??