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Posted on December 26, 2007

From the moment I’ve heard that Jun will be doing this film, I was excited to watch this. Even though my friends told me that the story’s sort of odd and disgusting (sorry for the term), I’ve just replied that this only proves that Jun is really a good actor, for he can handle such a role.

The story is about Yori and Iku and their forbidden love. Forbidden because they are twins. After learning this, I didn’t find myself disgusted. However, while I was watching it, I found out that I can’t bear to watch it because I have a brother and to think that that kind of relationship exists, it freaks me out. Ewwwww.. haha.

The movie is boring (gomen, gomen). It’s a slow one, believe me. I’m just fast forwarding it to the important scenes. And the thing that helped me from watching it till the end is my admiration for MatsuJun. I’ve liked him since I first laid eyes on him in Gokusen 1, and till now, it’s still the same. If you’re Jun’s fan I know you could still watch this (just like me).

Lastly I liked its OST, it’s nice.