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Posted on April 9, 2008
This is the first concert of NewS that I’ve watched. Due to Yamapi’s power over me, I’m finding myself engrossed in everything that he’s into. BTW, I would like to thank my sis, jhocel(eunjae) for giving me the link to this concert.

First Impression on NewS:

I’m not that familiar with NewS, all I know is that Yamapi’s in it, and before I’ve watched this, I’ve researched a little about them.
And also, I’ve only heard a few songs of them but I like it so it’s also one of the reasons why I’ve watched this.

Reactions while watching:

The concert’s great plus the behind the scenes footages where so funny. Even though I’ve heard most of the songs in it for the first time, I think I’m liking it, and with regards to the flying stunt, I was shocked. I think Ryo’s the first one to do that, and when I’ve seen it I was so perplexed, I was like “He’s flying“, wahaha. So dumb of me.
Here are some of the things that I’ve noticed and felt:

1. For me Tego’s the best singer in the band. I don’t know, but his voice is so great.

2. Ryo’s the best dresser in the group, I like his fashion get ups, or is it because anything that Ryo wears looks good on him?

3. I have a hard time figuring who’s Tego and who’s Massu. I have only mastered it after I think an hour of watching it, and I even look through my files just to check it out.

4. Their costumes are weird. hehe. But I know it’s a part of being in JE.

5. Most of the time, I’m staring on Ryo’s face. LOL

6. I love how the group treats each other. ^^

7. Koyama + Shige = terrible laughing madness.

8.Massu’s got the brightest/warmest smile ever, his smile is so genuine and i think it can cheer up anyone around

9. Ryo’s a brat and he’s evil, but I like it. HAHA

10. I think I’m liking NewS. πŸ˜€

11. I still like Yamapi, next would be Ryo, and then Tegoshi.

Parts that have left me Laughing:

1. When a fan ask Ryo for a kiss, and then Ryo has said this funny things and then he gave her a flying kiss, OMG, my heart’s beating rather fast after that part

2.The part where in Koyama and Shige were in their room, and the they have turned it into a dancing hall, singing Massu’s song and Yamapi’s Daite Senorita, that was so funny, I have to catch my breath. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

here’s the screen caps of it, plus Yamapi’s bday celebration:


When some of the members were singing “Yeah, Yeah” at the top of their lungs, and then it hit me that their imitating Ryo’s song “Code”.

The part where in they showed the footages where in the group is eating, and then Ryo (evil, haha) keeps on feeding Shige, wahaha. And also the part where in Tegoshi keeps on saying “Oishii“, and then Yamapi follows right after, and finally Ryo does it too. WAHAHA.

This concert’s nice. HAHA, anyway here are some of the screen caps (I think I’m getting addicted in making caps) that I’ve taken. πŸ˜€